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Secondment experience to PKF Hackeets – Liong Chee Tzen

PKF Hacketts is an ideal training ground to practice how to use Caseware (Audit software) as PKF Singapore has postponed its implementation of Caseware due to customization of Caseware to better tailor to its audit methodology. I must thank all the colleagues in PKF Hacketts that helped me out on Caseware, one of the colleagues was curious on how we keep all the audit working papers since we were not using Caseware. “We (print and) file hardcopies back in Singapore,” I answered. A little bewildered, he carefully asked: “Do you guys use computer in Singapore?”

Food in Australia is considerably more expensive than in Singapore. I am so grateful that my colleague is a great cook, and I am proud to say that I am really good in washing dishes now (even cleaner and faster than dish washing machine)! We also discovered that whatever raw food we put into oven, it comes out edible and surprisingly delicious!

I would like to thank PKF Singapore and PKF Hacketts for the secondment opportunity in Australia.




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