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Advantages of Investing in Singapore

Singapore is a world class city for companies to invest and for their employees towork, live and play. She is a globally connected and cosmopolitan city state thatoffers an excellent environment to knowledge-driven industries.

Singapore's competitive factors (Trust, Knowledge, Connected and Life) sets herapart from other major cities. She is known for her integrity, quality, reliability,productivity, rule of law and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Themulti-cultural Singaporean workforce is highly educated, highly motivated, andhighly productive. An open immigration policy enables employers to source for the best personnel from anywhere in the world.

She has the most extensive network of free trade agreements (with US, Japan,European Free Trade Association and other key economies) in Asia. In addition,Singapore has signed 35 investment guarantee agreements, giving Singapore based companies protection against non-commercial risks for their investmentsin the other countries.

Singapore also offers competitive income tax rates, various financial assistanceschemes and tax incentives to attract and assist companies to grow theirbusinesses.

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