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General News • 2024-03-13

Recognition as one of the Best HR Leaders in Asia

In an era marked by rapid change and complexity, the role of Human Resources (HR) has become increasingly crucial in facilitating remote work and ensuring workforce well-being. Recognizing the significance of HR leadership, Lee Eng Kian the Managing Partner of PKF-CAP LLP has been honored as one of the Best HR Leaders in Asia.

"I believe leadership is about creating more leaders, not followers. This award motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries, embracing new challenges, and setting higher standards in the HR field. It reinforces our commitment to nurturing talent, fostering a supportive and dynamic work environment, and contributing positively to our industry's evolution," said Eng Kian.

Amid the evolving landscape of post-pandemic work, HR leaders play a pivotal role in enabling employees to perform at their peak. Helen Coult, regional president at Armstrong Craven, emphasizes the renewed importance of HR by stating, "Even grand pianists who are the best in the world have coaches."

Empathetic leadership is recognized as a key trait among the best HR leaders, as highlighted by Coult. "They should want to understand what the employees are feeling and know what tools and tech they could be implementing in their HR strategy. I would expect them also to be doing things outside of their role such as networking and taking knowledge from other people."

The talented cohort featured on HRD’s Hot List 2024, including Eng Kian, exemplifies these traits, making themselves indispensable for their firms. Through a commitment to increasing employee engagement and combating turnover, these HR leaders are navigating the challenges of the evolving workplace.

PKF-CAP LLP is proud to celebrate Eng Kian's achievement, recognizing the value he brings to the organization and the HR field as a whole. The award serves as a testament to the dedication and excellence that define PKF-CAP LLP's approach to human resources, emphasizing the importance of leadership, empathy, and innovation in shaping the future of work.


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