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About PKF Singapore

"Local expertise wherever you are" is the PKF promise. PKF-CAP and other member firms of PKF International share the same commitment: high quality, partner-led services tailored to each client's requirements and grounded in local knowledge. At the same time, membership of the network allows the sharing of knowledge, experience and skills that is so vital for our clients who do business in more than one country.

Most importantly, PKF-CAP being part of PKF International means a global standard of quality for you. Wherever you take your business, you can be sure of a trusted PKF firm to support you with the same care and skill that you find at home. Please explore our site to discover the services and resources we can offer you, and so help your business to grow on the international stage.

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Our Expertise

Tailored audit to suit your business, reflecting your specific operational, regulatory and financial risks.

Working in partnership providing tax planning, risk management and corporate tax governance.

Our key advisory services include arbitration & disputes, business valuation and corporate restructuring. To see all of our advisory services click the link below.

Our range of services have been developed to support our clients at different stages of business life-cycle.

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