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Human Resources and Payroll Administration Services

Increasingly, businesses are outsourcing their human resource and payroll administration function. This become an obvious choice to many of the businesses because of various factors and amongst others:

  • it removes the responsibility of running a payroll, with all the costs involved, and allows valuable resources to be directed at more productive and profitable tasks;
  • the payroll function will be performed by qualified, experienced staff;
  • accurate and timely payroll financial information will be produced for periodic and annual accounts;
  • management no longer need to concern over holiday or sick leave cover for payroll staff; and
  • the risk of exposing confidential payroll information to unauthorised personnel is reduced.

PKF provides a comprehensive and professional payroll service. Our payroll professionals who understand the complexity of current payroll processes and legislation are dedicated to the administration of the payroll function for our clients.

Our service comprises:

  • Initial Set up & onboarding
    • General human resource consultancy
    • Recruitment (read more in Executive Search)
    • Background check or reference check prior to hiring
    • Work pass applications, appeals, renewals and cancellation
    • Payroll calendar set up
    • Set up of payroll system, including registration with the Central Provident Fund ("CPF")
    • other initial consultation
  • Ongoing maintenance of human resource and payroll
    • Monthly payroll calculation
    • Disbursement of net salary and CPF via our client trust account,
    • Issuing confidential pay slips (hard copy or electronic)
    • Preparing year-end IR8A forms for tax purpose
    • Preparing IR21 forms when necessary;
    • Handle maternity leave, NSmen pay, CPF refund, etc
    • administering employees' leave and maintaining leaves record
    • employee expense claims processing
    • production of reports as required, sent to you by post and/or electronically